This year as I watched the events at GenCon, I thought back to all the things I had seen and done as being a part of the Unicorn Clan and the greater L5R community.   I remember first meeting the Angry Crab, our website vanishing every couple of years, the great Koku Conspiracy, Panda Khan’s first decree, and the list goes on and on. I also remember the day we received the news that the game that was the centralizing force of our community was going dark to be reborn in 2017 and all the activity that occurred to keep the traditions of our Rokugan alive.

There is a lot to be said for jumping to action, there is also something to be said for taking time for reflection and to catch up on all those things you always meant to do. That is why you may have noticed a distinct lack of change and support to the forums and site since then.  Like the fiction I thought the images from GenCon and seeing the banner telling us that 2017 is not a myth, made me think of Iuchi’s mirror telling the clan that it was time to return to land we call home.

The long rides through the Shadowlands will not be easy or pleasant, and we may lose many along the way. The things that bind us together do not change. They will not change.  When we hear UTZ!!! In the distance we scream BANZAI!!! I don’t think anyone who is a not a part of the old ways understands the passion that we bring back to Rokugan, and that we also do not truly understand the Rokugan that we will be returning to as well.

Which brings me to this, I feel it is now time to re-organize the site and will be doing that over the next few weeks, and am looking for help from all who follow Shinjo.  I am looking for people who are will to share their talents, storyies and ideas ( please use Meeting hall until everything is rebuilt) and look forward to reconnect to all of you.

In service to Shinjo,

Ide Yesguei(Murf)








Hey fellow equine-but-with-sharp-pointy-horn lovers!

I'm finally getting my review of Ivory done! I'm not late because Ivory hasn't been released yet! Bonus, Ive also had a lot more time to actually PLAY with the cards so this list will be more inclusive and more thought out reviews rather then lots of heavy breathing and random speculation. So away we go!


SH Going Second

The Golden Plains of the Unicorn - Let's start with the most important aspect of the clan, the stronghold. Most important feature you will notice is the 5 gold production ACTUALLY is a benefit now with gold splitting. It allows Unicorn to run a very consistent gold scheme of 3 and 2 gold cost holdings and consistently push out 10-11 gold 2nd turn. The Stronghold ability is good, allowing you flexibility in assigning units to take out a smaller army. However, with the advent of more infantry personalities, I wish the stronghold would have worked on infantry guys seeing as it can be limiting to deck construction. Also, Tireless on the going second side of the Stronghold would have been much appreciated. The double flip on the second side is nice, but not a real benefit. Will occasionally save you/make a better start but you deck needs to be consistent enough on one flip because you go first half the time. Overall, my biggest complaint is how the Crane box with Akagi Sensei is just simply better. They produce the same amount of gold after turn 1, go first more often, box doesn't need to be straight to use it, no targeting restrictions, Absent, and a run away ability. Unicorn's only advantages are using it at engage speed (which is good) and the ability to use it twice in a turn cycle (rarely ever comes up). I like the stronghold, I just feel it's over all too restrictive, comparably to another super competitive deck. 6 out of 10 Cheeseburgers.

Hello, extraordinaire pony lovers! It's your friendly neighborhood Ogre with your favorite Cheeseburger flavored previews! As with the last set, I have no idea how to rate this previews because the biggest component of the power level of these previews (the base set) isn't available! So Ill rate them at a EE level and a completely arbitrary IvE scale! So hold on to your horses and here we go!



Iuchi Wattu


Welcome back to A Few Scoops... It has certainly been a while since I did the last one of these, and in theory I should apologise for the delay. But to be honest I am not really that sorry, as to why it took so long, well, no real reason, just didnt do it. Anyway, here it is, and interview with a man who needs no introduction over a few drinks (and an ocean).



Hello fellow purple pony lovers, it is once again time to do our review of the latest set! Best part about reviewing a set of questionable legality for our current arc and a future arc that we know literally almost nothing about is that there are no right or wrong answers! So I am going to have as much fun with this review as possible!