The non canon history of the Unicorn Clan

This is the forum for the collected stories of what makes the Unicorn who we are and how we related to the greater community of Rokugan inside the real world

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Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:28 pm

I was thinking that it would be best to have a place where we can commit our lore to the record long before it fades into the past and so when the next generation of unicorn players comes they might know something of our meat eating fur wearing past.

My goal is to try to add a story every other day or so but remember that there may be other people who have other tidbits to add ot it. agood example of this would be the 'great koku conspiracy' from year one and how we thwarted the spider in the first days of the mega game, but continued wellafter that into ogres blessed koku, harme's donation and such.. and maybe a fewof the iron samurai tales

please feel free to add any pictures you have as well

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