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Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:35 pm

This is the post from facebook.. act fast

Roku-Mart Info :
Ok folks :) L5R info has been announced. So a Couple things...
A ) Singles :
Roku-Mart.com intends to Carry singles Of the New game once released. We will Also Offer a Subscription service for Packs, If you have a Local Store Support it. If you don't I'll work with you.
B ) L5R Registered Logos :
Previously I had Permission to use them until FFG started its Roll-out. That's happened And I will be Pulling all L5R Related Tokens as of Friday 4/21 Midnight CST. If you want Tokens, Now's your Chance.
... I have sent an email Asking what their Policy going forward will be. I sent it today :) So who knows.

B_1 ) I will be Working on New Tokens for the New Game. Until (If) I get permission to use the Logo's, I'll design using Other Imagery. Feel Free to PM me with IDEA's, I will be Generous to folks whom i take / use Ideas from.
C ) L5R Dice :
I picked up a Large amount of the Q-Workshop Dice last year. they previously retailed for 20$ for a set of 10. I Currently have them at 7$ That will go back up as FFG releases more info and demand starts to go back up. Take advantage now if you are in the Market.
... I offer them as sets / Singles / or even a Mixed set. I have the least of Unicorn :)
D ) 24 Hour Sale :
Your Reward for making it this far. :) I'm offering 10% off all L5R stuff for the next 24 hours.
https://goo.gl/wM9PuV <-- L5r Accessories.
Enter Coupon Code " L5R_Rebirth " in check out for the Discount.
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