Dude, where's my Battle Actions? Part 1

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Shinjo Dalu
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Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:53 pm

Dude, where's my Battle Actions? Part 1
by John "Ogre" Seals

Hello again fellow Unicorn Players! Today we received our first glimpse into the Unicorn clan personalities from Emperor Edition. Without further adieu here is my thoughts on each card and then some general thoughts and concerns.

Moto Naleesh - Ok I couldn't resist NOT talking about our new champion. If were were to rate her solely on artwork alone shes a screaming 15 out of 10. I absolutely love, love, love, LOVE the art. SHE IS MINE AND YOU CANT HAS HER!!!! ...Ok had to get that off of my chest. : ) In terms of her card, is there an unwritten rule that Unicorn clan personalities cant have above 6 base Force? We have had 4 cards in the HISTORY of the game with above 6 base force: 3 versions of Chags and Shinjo (yeah the blatantly open/legacy card). Ironically, Naleesh is very good for Open/Legacy with both Kami and Clan Champion traits. For EE, I have mixed feelings. Good news is that she easily and seamlessly fits into 3 of our 4 themes. Commander? Check. Paragon? Check. Tactician? Check. Shugenja? Nope, but that is ok (though I think it would have been fun to see the Water trait a la the Mantis Champ having Thunder). Her cost though is very expensive to get that versatility into all of our decks. 13 gold with a 10 HR for an all intensive purpose cost of 15 (13 reduced). Here is where I think with that cost she could have easily justified a 7-8 printed force but we will have to work with what we got. Her battle ability is growing on me. While not as powerful as the Mantis Clan's champion, it is still pretty efficient. Against naked (non-cavalry) personalities it is bow and kill. No targeting requirements for the unit bow at the very least (which then makes the personality naked which opens up so many different card effects). Her trait, while useful, I just feel could have been a bit stronger is some sort of aspect. Straighten after all phases, negate the bowing of any card in the unit once per phase, etc. Overall, I like her and will use her.

Moto Taha (soul of Moto Munoru) - Did we REALLY need our 4th boxable tactician for EE? 1 more gold we get +2 force in Shinjo Byung. This choice seems to lack creativity for the base set. A personality like Shinjo Yasoma (that's old school for you guys!) would have been interesting. Instead we get another blank tactician. Whoopie.

Moto Rani - Blank 3F for 6g cavalry Shugenja. Phoenix is paying the same cost for a few years for the same amount of force and traits so I cant complain too much.

Moto Shigeru (soul of Moto Gurban) - Gurban was an elegant weapon built for another time. For the Empire, Geisha Assassin, Iaijutsu Challenge, Iaijutsu Lesson, Kolat Assassin, and Show of Good Faith (just to name a few!) were in effect and prevalent. This is NOT diamond edition however. There is just not that many good Limited actions anymore. Luckily, if the time comes that we need a Personality as Shigeru, we will have her on the back burner. For now, she stays in the binder.

Utaku Ryoko (soul of Utaku Liu-Xeung) - Weakened with the disappearance of Utaku Plains, Liu-Xeung is still a decent choice. However, 3 PH is a possible liability for a paragon to have against higher PH clans. Most of the PH cards say equal or less but cards like Iron WIll need a higher PH which will be harder to attain with no clear PH boosters yet. If some cheap PH boosters manifest themselves in EE Ryoko's stock will rise.

Shinjo Itao (Soul of Shinjo Goshi) - Great commander! Can emergency attach a follower on play entry (hello retribution!) and immediately use some of the more powerful Commander cards. He is gre.... wait not a commander? What do you you mean he is not a commander? Ability to attach a follower on play entry is not good enough to warrant commander? Yoritomo Rai could do the same thing in CE AND he reduced the cost by four! Serious lack of design to NOT give this guy commander for EE. Why even include him at this point? Rubbish.

Shinjo Horibe (Soul of Shinjo Hwarang) - Yeah! Good commander, will see himself in other themes to start the arc because of his usefulness. Also: Battle ability.

Shinjo Ki-Chang exp. - HPK is back baby! Cheap follower production is always great, seeing how many Destroy a target card without attachment cards are out there. He can solo provinces and fits commander and tactician themes. Will most likely also see play in Paragons with High PH and general usefulness.

The Compassion of the Unicorn - Unicorn Paragons will never, ever lose to dishonor again. While it doesn't provide any OOMPH in the battle phase, it's versatility is where it shines. While again I'm not impressed for ANOTHER straighten card that requires an unbowed personality (Temple of death exp I am looking at you!), I am excited about Unit Straighten. The fact that you can toss it on an opponent's unbowed guy to gain two instead of one might make Unicorn paragons as a possible switch deck (favors gains you two but requires you bow a courtier). Let us not forget to mention duel effect delay by simply focusing it.

Overall, mostly blah across the board. The thing I am most concerned about is that in a faction that has four dedicated military themes (one can honor out, but it will be done in battle) has an overall lack of battle actions. We haven't seen all of our previews yet so this status might change but I am concerned. Only 2 out of 8 personalities have battle actions that do anything? Not looking good. Here is to hoping the next set show us a little variety.
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Horiuchi Meimei
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Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:21 pm

I agree with you on just about everything*. I want to see more Battle actions in our next batch of previews. I think it's a good start for a base set though. The real question in my mind is whether or not the amount of Battle actions we get stacks up with the amount of Battle actions that the military themes of other Clans get.

*I want Naleesh to be mine instead. :lol:
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Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:59 am

My friends and I are playing with EE legal proxie decks, and I'm doing fairly well (about average I guess) out of JEK but I'm using almost all duel-bugged cards. In the dynasty deck the EE only cards I'm using are Silk Works, and Shinjo Itao. (I'm also using Horibe and Ki-Chang but they're in CE too.) On the fate side, One Koku. It's kinda funny, I say're we're using proxie decks, but my deck has none. Like I said, I'm doing ok, but I really worry about anyone who joins in EE without the cards from BtD, FL, and SC finding Unicorn to be unplayably weak. I'm not using any of the themes(or you could say I'm using all of them?) Well, possibly commander since I have 3 each of Vigilant Riders, Legion of the Bat, and Cavalry Archers, but I'm not using any of the cards that require a keyword to use. I thought that the duel-bugged cardsets were supposed to be the most carefully thought out so as to not unbalance either arc they're played in, but as things stand, they're the core you build around as Unicorn. Granted, we have another set of previews comming, but I'm worried. Our big 10 gold commander is Ki-Chang 4/4 assigns after defending infantry, discard a card for a force bonus equal to the focus value, attaches 1F followers if unbowed during Dynasty. The big 10G commander for Spider, 6/4 attaches followers for 2 less gold, does not bow due to battle resolution, bow a follower do destroy a follower, or personality without followers with equal or lower force. (yes I wrote everything out game mechanic wise) All in all I'd say they're about equal but here's the kicker, the Spider is a common non-unique and the Unicorn a rare unique.

Shinjo Dun
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Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:30 pm

Grendak wrote:My friends and I are playing with EE legal proxie decks
Ok.... I've seen several people saying they are doing this, and while I understand the desire to shake up the format and play something new... At the same time, the reality is that you've seen like 8 personalities from 6 of the 9 clans, and very few ronin/unaligned people from the base set. Base sets have had between 13-20 personalities per clan over the last few base sets, so you've got like half of your base set personality base, which means you're missing 1/4 of your dudes and trying to build from that. Not to mention the massive amount of fate cards and holdings not revealed yet. Any testing now has little, if any, real value once the format is fully revealed.

Just my opinion.

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Ide Yesugei
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Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:46 am

I agree with Dun and I endorse that message.
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