Second City: Part 2: Tactician and Commander

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Hello again Unicorn fans! Welcome to part II of my Second City review! This time around I focus on two themes that got a little less support in terms of cards (Tacticians and Commanders) as well as some other cards that I wanted to point out for various Unicorn Clan usage.

Tactician ... rd_id=9499

Shinjo Sanenari - Vanilla tactician with no cavalry. Has no use as of yet but could be a cheap platform for tactical actions. I could see a Spirit of Tactician used on him as a mini card draw platform. I wish he was 0 or 1 Force for 1 less gold cost seeing that 3 gold non-cavalry has been always a tough number for us to hit. He isnt really a good blitz platform either seeing as you would have to bow your box for him. ... rd_id=9505

Kuronada (Rare) - Shoved Kuronada here, seeing as his only relevant trait is Tactician that goes with our themes, Kuronada is still an important card for all of our themes to look at. He is more of a meta card then an actual personality because he counts as a 12 gold cost personality. What deck does he meta you ask? Dueling. Kuronada is an early Tamago light, with a similar kill abilty (works on uniques but not through attachments) and similar chi and force. He doesn't solo a province like Tamago does without discarding a card, but also costs three gold less. Will see early play in the arc, and maybe later in the arc as a meta personality. Worth considering at all times in our tactician decks. ... rd_id=9444

Dislodge the Foe (Rare) - An interesting strategy that can be used in different situations in different ways. Cavalry Tacticians will be able to break apart multiple defenders into single defenders at a province that was not defended. Infantry tacticians will be able to move away from large groups of defenders into a more easily dealt with army. Won't see play more than as a 2 of though because of it's worthlessness at the last province. Great combo with Legion of the Bat to drag an opponent into another battle and bow them. Limits your opponents actions they can do.

Commander ... rd_id=9500

Moto Jun-Ni (Rare) - Recursion is an important strategy for any CCG and ones that allow straight up theft of your opponents cards are extremely powerful as well. Considering how much hate exists for cards without attachments, Moto Jun-Ni is an important foundation for our Commander theme. Luckily, his recursion ability is Limited, allowing you to reattach followers without losing tempo in battle. Also, against other follower decks he can steal followers out of opponents discard piles to reattach them to himself. In order to not lose cavalry design has granted him a trait that gives out cavalry to all his followers. This trait is Jun-Ni's true power as it allows you to splash non-cavalry followers into your deck like Elite Sentry or The Vengeful. Great personality, pickup three for EE. ... rd_id=9497

Champion of Thunder (Rare) - If you ever wanted a massive follower here it is. Champion of Thunder has an eye popping 12 gold cost but comes with an impressive defensive ability and a decent kill ability with province smashing 8 force. Champion of Thunder is extremely tough to kill being immune to a lot of range attacks for being such high force as well as having its defensive trait against cards that target it solo. As we keep seeing more and more cards that destroy cards without attachments, being able to negate an entire actions effect against it is important. The cards only potential issue is cards that go through attachments. This card's ultimate worth will be ways to reduce it's gold cost and ways to keep the follower's personality alive from duels and their like. ... rd_id=9421

Legion of the Bat (Uncommon) - Combotastic with previously mentioned Dislodge the Foe, Legion of the Bat is a disappointing 3 Force for 5 gold. Apparently, this will be a common design number with Horse Archers as a guide from BTD. Seeing as most provinces are 7 PS and that most Unicorn clan Personalities are 4 force for 8 gold... yeah you see the issue I'm getting at here. If we get more Personalities like Hailung this can be a non issue. However, we already see Hwarang in the base set so I don't see an end to this design trend. ... rd_id=9532

Moto Gunso (Common) - If we get some sort of way to make followers explode on the board with some sort of token generation this card's stock rises. However, too many followers we see at this point are high costed making this follower a poor choice at this particular time. ... rd_id=9490

Unexpected Support (Uncommon) - This card is really useful in that it prevents (once) a popular tactic that has appeared in great numbers for EE: straighten. With no real restrictions in the targeting (only two themes are getting commanders so not many opposing followers to work against) this card works with naked commanders as well. Expect to see this card playable for a long time. ... rd_id=9411 ... rd_id=9451

Hida Mochitoko (Rare) and Yoritomo Emoto (Rare) - Not really Unicorn clan previews but these two personalities are worth considering at the beginning of the arc until there is better choices. Mochitoko provides valuable defense (twice!) for your followers during ANY phase as long as the action targets your follower. Emoto is naval kill, which is never a bad combo. When combined with Vigilant Riders this doesn't cost any force as well. Considering both of these clans did not receive a specific commander theme, these two personalities seemed to be created for more general usage.

Other Cards ... rd_id=9508

Blade of Champions (Rare) - Redirect is the one of the most powerful tools in an L5R players arsenal. Redirect off of any card in a unit to any other card is rare, because it is extremely powerful. Ryoshun's Guidance is a recent example of the combination that is legal for EE. Now Blade of Champions exists. 5 gold, a good number for Unicorn off of our box, this card allows the redirection to any card, any phase. Oblivious targeting a card in this unit? Redirect it to a Grateful Reward token. Battle duel? Redirect it to a Recruitment officer token personality. 3F for 5 gold isnt going to be cracking provinces any time soon on normal personalities but this card is reserved for our uniques, who are generally 3 or less force away from taking a province. ... rd_id=9526

Brawl (Rare) - Versatile meta card. With Heart of Darkness, Shinden Shorai and The Second City already legal, the value of this card will keep increasing as more regions and more dangerous terrains need to be removed. Battle action is generic bow, but generic is never too blank. Probably will not need 3, but picking up a couple will leave you with options on how the field is building up. RPG moment also here for mentioning 1180 was the BEST winter court evah! ... rd_id=9435

Discovering a Conspiracy (Rare) - Not really a Unicorn card, but this card is a chase rare for a lot of clans. Make sure you don't trade it cheaply! Also, a note for celestial, people will think they are clever for playing this with Clan Conflict. Be prepared for that! ... rd_id=9485

Fukuzo (Rare) - Voted most likely person to be borrowed out of clan, Fuzuko is a powerful personality, constantly allowing herself to be refined by copying personalities out of the discard pile. The fact that she can do this each turn as an open action is very versatile. You can set her up as cavalry early to avoid opponents, and then later copy an important battle ability when you need to attack the last province. More importantly, Fukuzo can copy unique personalities. I cant wait to copy an action off of a personality like Satsu or other champion level personality that we normally do not have access to. For decks that are running multiple traits, she can set himself to whatever trait you need at the time. Only deck that she might not be great with is Paragon with the 0 PH. ... rd_id=9503

Jurojin's Blessing (Rare) - Recursion celestial which defiantly will see play as it also provides fate manipulation. On its own, allows you to cycle twice as fast to desired cards while discarding anything you don't need. When you need to you can pickup a vital action from the discard as well. It is limited to a non-unique action (no double A Game of Dice for you!) but with so many good non-unique strategies already (Brothers in Battle, Iron Will, Cast Aside the Weak, sneak attack, etc) you wont be lacking for recursion. With built in recursion on other cards (Moto Jun-Ni anybody?) you can turn the discard ability into card advantage. High level card for high level player usage. ... rd_id=9438

Know No Fear (Uncommon) - Hold! was a generic anti bow or Anti send home card that was useful until mid arc until Commanders got the general more useful Muscle and Steel. It was a bit lacking in that it was only useful with Commanders and required an unbowed commander to preform. Furthermore it only negated a bow or a send home and only in Battle. Enter Know No Fear. Works with a larger group of personalities (Samurai!) it cancels both send home AND bow in a single reaction. Most importantly, it works against open bow. Not only that, it also has a secondary action which cancels fear actions, which according to L5R search, currently consists of 10 legal cards. This is a great card for Battle Maiden as well, since you can now stack up to 9 cancel actions (Iron Will, Know No Fear, and Effortless Counterattack) and 3 redirect cards(Ryoshun's Guidance, Benten's Blessing and Blade of Champions). ... rd_id=9488

Know their Minds (Rare) -
As much as I love Border Keep xp, this card might single handily kill it. For the almost non-existent cost of bowing a Samurai during the open phase, you flip a face up personality face down. This card acts as quasi open kill, preemptively getting rid of a personality that your opponent can afford. Weaker earlier in the game when your opponent has more buying options, it is extremely powerful the longer the game goes on. How often does the situation come up that your opponent is down to two provinces and only flips one personality? Flip that personality face down almost seals the game in your favor. If you were on the edge of playing The Second City, it is a good time to stick it in your deck. This card punishes those who get bad draws early game and are forced to use both Border Keep actions early. ... rd_id=9529

Shinden Shorai (Rare) - Early Celestial saw decks that ran blitz/powerful limited buys with civility. Imagine being able to repeatedly use civility every turn? Welcome to Shinden Shorai. With a little luck (or planned actions to come later) flipping up personalities mid game in Shiden Shorai is immediate support on attacks. This tactic will be especially powerful in EE when not only do you have the option of buying somebody for full during the limited phase you can also reduce their cost by two! With the right cards you can also stack this region more in your favor. Blessings of Shi-Tien Yen-Wang celestial allows you to put a dead guy on the top of your deck every turn. Guess which province you will be buying out of first to get a personality in Shiden Shorai? Also, amusing times with Second City region. Buy a guy limited to get a face down card in this province and then immediately flip it face up with Second City. Seems combotastic at the moment but this is what we have available currently without seeing the greater of EE. ... rd_id=9515 ... rd_id=9495

Shikaro (Common) and Shinjo Kinto (uncommon) - What everybody was waiting for ... Unicorn Scouts! Ok, these cards wont exactly make a deck on their own, but they provide the chance to splash an important recursion called Seeking the Truth. With Dak-Ho these 9 personalities are all decent on their own with additional personalities, and battle removal (send home that cant be negated with reconnaissance) or a Range 4. Keep an idea on these cards for possible other cards to be introduced in EE. Shikaro is also standard unicorn cost, 4 force, 6 gold cavalry with a decent ability (46A). Kinto is still decent even without reconnaissance, standard 46A that will be splashed in Unicorn decks until they get more personalities.

Thank you for your time I hope to do this for EE and have some basic decks for all four themes when cards are previewed! See you then!

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Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:00 am

Great Article again. I just wondered while you mentioned the Blessings of Shi-Tien Yen-Wang celestial, you didn't do a specific write up on it?
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