Decks Tested In Tournament Play

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Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:09 pm

Whenever anyone makes a post in the "Decks Tested In Tournament Play" a moderator needs to approve of the posts. I think this is to prevent that area from being filled with untested or unrefined decks. Ensuring that that only quality decks get posted in a certain area is a fine idea but I think the implementation is wrong. I think a notice should be posted in the area about how that segment is only reserved for tested decks only. Once that's done people should be able to post whenever or whatever they like. Decks that don't meet the criteria should be deleted or moved.

I bring this up because I posted a deck there and for nearly a week there were no comments on it. Initially I thought that this was because nobody gave two shakes about the decklist but in actuality it's because there were pending mod approvals. The mod approval process greatly slows down the flow and exchange of ideas when people will obviously have more comments than usual.

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