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Iuchi Kwaida

Status 1, Glory 1

Iuchi Shugenja/Fudoist Monk

Kwaida would be the first to tell you that the teachings of Fudo are a false path that lead one off the road of enlightenment and into a cycle of selfish fulfillment of Desire. Of course, he would be lying when he said that, but to say otherwise would be to invite immediate execution.

Kwaida was among the first converts to Fudoism in the former Ivory Kingdoms, being one of the first Unicorn in the Colonies. He encountered their particular brand of Shinseism while researching the local sects of the Ivindi religions native to the land that was suddenly under Rokugani control. The ideals behind it spoke to him, and curious, he sought to know more. This eventually led to him learning under various different groups that embraced the philosophy, recording each different take on the text in his personal journal as he himself found his own path. He would go on to hold some small fame in the underground circles, for what he shared of his path involved learning what all others thought their own paths meant and recording them to tell them as stories to those curious.

When the Colonies fell under the influence of the Mad Dragon, Kwaida was spared the Mad Dragon's touch by the teachings of Fudo, the independent frame of mind detaching him from the twisted patterns that Pan Ku attempted to weave. When the conflict broke out in earnest, he decided to take a stand, and used his status in the underground groups to organize various cells in their strikes upon the footholds of the Mad. While he was privately uncertain that the road of burning whole villages was the correct one, he deemed it a wiser path than allowing the madness to establish itself as a significant power base in the Colonies. The shadowy society became fully visible in these attacks, however, and despite their work in suppressing the forces of the Mad Dragon, the followers of Fudo's teachings were declared heretics and purged. For the Samurai among them, that meant one of two choices: repentance and return to the Empire, or be judged guilty and be put to death, denied even the honor of seppuku.

When the Purge finally caught up with Kwaida, he burned his journals rather than let them fall into the inquisitors hands and be used to find his fellows. He chose the path of repentance, and returned to his clan in shame and chains. The public actions he took during the war, however, offset the heresy he practiced in many's minds, and he was soon free to serve the Unicorn again. Privately, he still holds that his actions were just, and when he is alone, he repeats the stories of his brothers, not daring to risk suspicion by committing them to writing once more. He holds his path, and believes that the knowledge he has gained can be used to the benefit of the Unicorn as a whole. Indeed, the teachings of Fudo allow him to see through the lies of Court just as well as they protected him from madness. Thus, he is a loyal servant, if not quite the paragon of virtue that society demands him to be. Publicly, he has begun to reclaim some of his face, and people are forgetting why he was shamed in place of the glories that his research into the nature of the kami brings. His methods, however, never reach the public view, and he is just fine with that.
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