Madrid kotei report (with deck cycle 1 pack 2)

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Shinjo Silme
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Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:27 am

Hi guys !

A little reporting from my wonderful trip in madrid for one of the first kotei in the game history !

Some general things first to well understand the situation :

- the tournament was great and impressive... what an experience ! 450 players, incredible location (with a japanese toki, clan banners 4 meter high, removed when the clan was cut from tournaments, hostess in courtier kimono...etc), the fun, the player's spirit (thanks spannish community !) ! Just awesome ! Thanks FFG and asmodée for this !

- The tournament was very high level of play. players played very well. I was undercover as i losed my first game so i played against different level of players but overall this was impressive. Top games were very high level in particular.

- The OP was moderate in term of efficiency.... no announcement of any kind (numbers of rounds in each tournament, remembering of systems of tournaments, hours...etc), pairings difficult to read, lot of dead time between rounds and a full 9 o clock in the morning to midnight on first day was pretty bad.

- Judging was on the other hand awesome, from what i saw.

- All my opponents (or players i have seen) were fair play and fun. Spirit was light and discussions fun even if concentration was sometimes important. Smiles were everywhere. english (spanish only sometimes) was too few spoken sadly but this do not disrupt me in any of my games.

- This was not MY tournament at all.... All my showings were good or great but i give lot of luck to opponents who chained anti attachement / anti event / fury all day long (see latter :D). This do not excuse my loses but all my opponents without any exception made incredible showings near always saying "sorry guy never see my deck this way :D".

- The main event was in different phases : samurai phase was open to all clans but see unicorn dominate with lot of 4-0 or 3-1 along with lot of scorpions (4-0) and some lion who perfomend above average. Crane, phoenix, crab were underpeforming a lot in term of ratio (especially crane who was a lot played) but magistrate tournaments kept the best players of those clans.
Magistrate phase in others hands, saw scorpion and lion bring down (logically for scorpion) unicorn (or miror unicorn matchs) and most unicorn finishes 4-3 or 3-4 after excellents starts.

Lion on the other hand find easy match ups with scorpion ones and scorpion too have a lot of miror matchs.
In daymio phase, stay only scorpion (massively) and lion in good win ratio... crane, phoenix, crab, dragon are a little under ratio but have several guys in top... Unicorn only one.

This was for presenting the landscape....

Seeing spanish environnement with lot of scorpion and crane (more than half othe players playing one of those), i know phoenix, crab will have few players (unicorn very very few) but great ones from what i have seen in previous spanish results.

So i trained hard (and a lot) and was finding than a classical swarm splash lion was not in great shape against scorpion match ups... Crane ones was far more easy in splash dragon too.

I go for splash dragon to give me a toolbox approach and trying to play all games... Ratio against crane was excellent, against scorpion was a little above 50% so this was working for me.
The match up against dragon swarm and lion were pretty good too. So i go this way without looking bad.
I have chosen, after lot of testings, for a true, speciliazed 1/3 deck to have optimal stabilized showings and reduce a lot T2 bad flipping or big guys flippings on turn 1 or turn 3... (without having charge in hand). I do not tend to play 1/3 that much and that specialized but considering the exact environnement, i wanted stability first !
This worked fine all tournament long. No problem with deckbuilding here.

Here we go for the report :

Samura tournament :

Round 1 : Scorpion splash dragon (top 16 player) :

Excellent player, not making any mistake. Perfect showing with hiroue T1 (+weenie courtier) than shoju T2 (+ weenie courtier too)... in the same time, he have seen two fury and two forged... Two fiery madness help finish the showing and stop me a lot :D.
nothing else to say : i don't see my dragon cards to complete that. I 'm trying to play well and make some trick moves and exploit every mice hole he gave me.... I managed to attack his SH first and he only dropped me 2 provinces further so i'm not badly in the game.
Nevertheless i had near no chance to destroy his SH in this attack and further he made good combo in the conflict and take me 5 honor (no yurt seen of course :D) and bring me to dishonor.
No regret as he might have destroyed my SH next turn...

So ok, this was first game.... might become cooler latter maybe ? :D But i must not lose a game to be able to go to magistrate tournament ...


Round 2 : crane splash dragon

Young player not talking english but cool game nevertheless.
Good showing from him : He played two fury turn 1 and see guest and doji challenger turn 1... he see a second guest turn 2 he do not enter.
In spite of this great showing, mine is good too as i played i'm ready non cancelled turn 1 and fury myself. I played a 1/3 every turn greatly.
I broke once in turn 1, twicei n turn 2. He broke only twice with one endless who take his challenger. I covert his guest regurlarly and T3 i double attack his SH, a MIL and a POL.
The second one is making the job.
No danger in this game even with a perfect showing from him.

MVP : i'm ready X2

Round 3 : Dragon splash ?

No time to see the splash... Spanish player cheered by his team who seems sad to see him cut from tournament after the game. Seems like a good player, not making mistake.
He made a totally perfect start with an initiate, a doomed and a niten adept T1. I made a very moderate start with only one big guy. Hopefully my fury is hitting right and i skip pass his fury (pretty sad, all my opponents played a fury on turn 1 :D) with i'm ready.
I broke a second time with one weenie from conflict deck and assasinate his peep on second conflict after he played attachements. 2-0 fine :D

T2 he enter yokuni and a doomed (what a flip :D) and i enter shit (only one guy again not appropriate to situation further) but this will be enought... As i'm second player, i chose to play slow.... I attack with a weenie one province but with a chance to destroy if not defended than mount a big attack. I can disrupt in defense too....
This work fine : i broke easily, he broke only once with my defense. T3 i attack first his SH with a crushing strength : magistrate + reserve + charge...

2-1 : mastery of 1/3

Round 4 : lion splash dragon

Ok fine a brawler T1 and a weenie. Cool stuff. I take a fury as usual and my fury is meeting a ready for battle.... pretty awesome start :D Nevertheless mine, contrary to game 3 is awesome... A 1/3 turn 1 than 3 characters T2 with fate keeping (yurt). He would be obliterate with... he saw a second brawler T2 :D Fine....
Nevertheless, my showing is really perfect and i chained well. He broke one in T1 then take endless plain on his brawler on turn 2 mais i took 3 provinces in the mean time after my first conflict T2 ! I mount an little MIL attack just in hope he have solution against my tatooed + banzai... He didn't, he lose T2 :D
Whatever he could still have losed in my first conflict T3 :D

3-1 : MVP I'm ready or tattoed movable...your choice :D

So going to magistrate stage ! Awesome ! what a run !

Round 5 : Scorpion splash dragon

Well i'm in a day that repeat it self endlessly ! Fine !Bon ben je suis dans le jour le plus long..... hiroue T1, shoju T2 (who will taker endless the same turn) and two forged...
I broke nothing T1, he broke twice :D
He broke only once T2 and i managed to broke twice in spite of his second fury (sic).
I attack his SH for unicorn sake ! In pol, i could have broke if he didn't have two different defense cards... He had.
He counter attack my SH, i have a defender, he send home with his last card.. .
No regret he would have won next turn on first conflict...


Round 6 : crane splash dragon

Very fun and not serious game as both of us were not able to go to top.... All unicorn were 4-2 or 3-3 but do not have lose game 1 so i know i can't be hatamoto or challenger... So i play for fun...
Whatever, the game is one of the best i have played since winter 2016 :D

He made a perfect start with overall two guest and two challengers. He will see 2 voice (one turn 1 and one turn 3) and two fury (played both T1)
I will not see i'm ready at all and this will decide the game.
I saw lot of dragon cards hopefully and i stop him well.
To summarize : i attack very late (turn 4 ? turn 5 ?) his SH and he launch all his hand to stop me for 2 force points. Next turn i still attack his SH and he save him launching all his drawed cards.
He send a guy home with favorable than attack with 5 MIL on my SH (0 PS in case you have forget :D). As favorable was face up, i still kept a defender but his last card in hand was a send home with his last courtier so he broke the SH 5-0

What a game !


This is 10h30 of the evening... the 7e round is not yet launched and my team is waiting for me to celebrate and eat something ! So i dropped without regret.

the following day we take the prizes for the proving ground tournament but 7 rounds were announced starting at eleven of clock ! As we know we can't stay that long (this will finish near midnight again if it stay on the same track than previous day), we drop to make a madrid trip and a great lunch ! We played a lot board games in the great show / stands of game on. and come back in the afternoon to see top games.

Pretty awesome week end really magical with a moderate organization but yet a impressive show ! Pretty awesome to partake all that moment with team france, switchland and all friendly spanish players !

Deckbuilding worked in spite of two scorpion losses... unicorn was very crippled in this environnement so i'm fine to make 3-3 showing especially looking on my opponent's showings... this was simply not my time and tournament :D that's all ! :D
Happy to have crushed dragon / crane / lion as intended and still have played victory against scorpion perfect showings...

that's all ! you know all !

Exact decklist (will move with pack 3).

Golden Plains Outpost
Keeper of Void

Manicured Garden Air
Ancestral Lands Earth
Night Raid Fire
Shameful Display Void
Endless Plains Water

Influence: 12/13, 1 remaining

Dynasty Deck (40)

Character (37)
3x Border Rider
3x Giver of Gifts
3x Ide Trader
3x Meishodo Wielder
3x Moto Horde
3x Moto Youth
2x Otomo Courtier
2x Seppun Guardsman
3x Shinjo Altansarnai
3x Swift Magistrate
3x Utaku Infantry
3x Utaku Yumino
3x Warrior Poet

Holding (3)
3x Windswept Yurt

Conflict Deck (40)

Event (25)
2x Assassination
3x Banzai!
3x Captive Audience
3x Cavalry Reserves
2x Charge!
3x Court Games
3x I Am Ready
2x Let Go ////
2x Mirumoto's Fury
2x Rout

Attachment (11)

2x Finger of jade
3x Fine Katana
3x Ornate Fan
3x Spyglass

Character (4)
2x Iuchi Wayfinder
2x Tattooed Wanderer:

what is not set in marble in the deck :

endless was efficient again : killed an niten adept who will have destroyed even a rally and who will not bow to resolution and could have save one too, a brawler, a shoju, a guest : not bad in 6 games :D A little lucky sure. but 4th tournament in a row this kind of thing happen. Not seen in one game and in the last one the province kill a 1 fate guy.

I took note: rally could only save one province whole games.

Finger of jade helped me but still not sure i worth the great sacrifice of playing only 2 rout / 2 charge / 2 wayfarer.Yet it helped me in two games a lot.

17 characters at 1 fate bring me stability and adaptability welcomed. 15 characters costing 3 allow me to enter two guys every turn. Ide trader help to nothing and will be replace by wardog in this exact build.

Favored did not miss me in spite of 3 ide trader.

This was for floating choices, the rest is on marble. in this build.

thanks for reading this far ! Hope this will help or give idea to people !
"My deck needs to be about 20% cooler"
"Oh putain !" : tribute to Crabi, L5R World Champion 2012
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Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:11 am

Great report! Thank you.

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Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:31 pm

Hey what a great report! I hope you will have more luck next time. Regarding deck i agree trader is not worth the spot without favoured mount, but i feel war dog is even worse especially in this type of setup with lots of 1f. And second thing is how were reserves and audience doing? I cut both of them Ps. Did you see what was top unicorn splashing?

Ide Leenath
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Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:06 am

Great report mate! Im pretty proud of you :) Thank you :)
I hope we will meet in Warsaw:)
Milan Terek, proud Unicorn from Hungary
Swift as the wind :)

Tournament results:
Launch event 3-3
National league 1st round 4-2 5th
National league 2nd round 3-2 6th

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Shinjo Silme
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Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:43 am

yes this is testing for wardog... I totally agree he might not worth the spot... I work on the same deck but with more 4+ guys juro and tatsuo coming back for example...

Testing... but wardog seems pretty bad to me... i wanted to test him neverthless as ide trader is useless (in this deck of course, far better in unicourtier) but early testing seems to show he is even badder than a 1/3 blank guy :D

thanks all for your cheers !

P.s : yes here was top unicorn decklist : ... 6fca4/view

good unicourtier decklist... a little too extreme for me (9 holdings will never work for me and too heavy cost in conflict deck) but the deck seems interesting nevertheless
"My deck needs to be about 20% cooler"
"Oh putain !" : tribute to Crabi, L5R World Champion 2012
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