GenCon 2017 Decklist for Friday Competitive Event

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Ide Isha
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Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:36 pm

As requested in the FB group, I am posting my decklist that I played in the Friday event at GenCon. I believe I was the 4th or 5th highest unicorn (not that there were many of us on the day). I went 4-3, but thanks to a terrible SoS finished only at 71st.

Golden Plains Outpost

Ancestral Lands
Elemental Fury
Manicured Garden
Night Raid
Shameful Display

Dynasty Deck
2x Imperial Storehouse
1x Favorable Ground
2x Keeper Initiate
3x Miya Mystic
3x Seppun Guardsman
3x Otomo Courtier
3x Wondering Ronin
1x Border Rider
1x Utaku Infantry
1x Utaku Yumino
1x Shinjo Tatsuo
1x Shinjo Outrider
1x Ide Trader
1x Shinjo Altansarnai
1x Aggressive Moto
1x Giver of Gifts
1x Meishōdō Wielder
1x Moto Horde
1x Moto Youth
1x Warrior Poet

Conflict Deck
2x Fine Katana
2x Assassination
2x Banzai!
2x Court Games
2x Rout
2x Charge!
2x Ornate Fan
1x Ide Messenger
1x Captive Audience
1x Born in War
1x I Am Ready
1x Favored Mount
1x Cavalry Reserves
1x Way of the Unicorn
1x Spyglass
1x Breakthrough
1x Iuchi Wayfinder
1x Let Go
1x Mirumoto’s Fury
1x Indominatable Will
1x Ancestral Daisho
1x Tattooed Wanderer
1x Kitsuki’s Method

Unicorn is probably one of the worse clans to play with the single core set format as I usually used the SH ability to bring a cavalry character to defend and prevent honor loss. However, after GenCon I'm set on never playing with a single core set ever again. The lack of consistency just made the game subpar and there really isn't any deckbuilding options beyond ally choice and keeper/seeker. The single core is good as intro for game mechanics, but I'm hoping to play in Worlds this year where the synergy and combos are more possible with my Unicorn/Lion build.

Except for the mirror match during the 6th round round (where I lost from SH province break on the SH since he got Cavalry Reserves), I went to time in every match. My first two games were loss due to honor loss. All other games were when with time being called and my opponents conceding as I had 2-3 broken provinces and they had managed to break only 1-2, but it was clear I would have eventually won. I went with Dragon with the core set ally as all of their cards make for great openings and ancestral recursion with no real duplicates of non-neutral cards is pretty awesome. Anyway, I absolutely love this game and look forward to playing the full version of the game when it releases in October!
Tournament results:
2017 Gen Con, 4-3
2017 Worlds, 1-5
2017 Imperial Summons event, 3-0

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White Guard
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Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:07 am

Thanks Ide-san for the report and congratulation for making the 4/3!

If I understand well, you recommend players to look after their honor because we may often go to the time limit during the upcoming Launch events (aka Single core deckbuilding format), don't you?

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Ide Isha
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Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:21 pm

Yes, players should keep a really close eye on honor. While Assassination is a great card, the three honor loss can really hurt. Initial bids should not be 5 as the opponent may go with 1 to cause a huge honor swing. I recommend any unicorn players in the initial launch games focus on breaking provinces as quickly as possible. If you can, break the SH, but if that doesn't seem possible, at least get all provinces revealed and break. In October the tie-breaking rules may be different, but one of the issues I ran into is not being able to break the SH province. Entrenched Positions with the bonus from all opponents means getting to 10+ military strength to break, which can be very difficult. So a strategy that could work is focus on breaking the 4 non SH provinces and defend. If time is called, then opponents may be more likely to concede. Also, this forces all face-up cards not purchased in the dynasty phase to be discarded. I almost caused a honor loss against Scorpion since they had almost drawn their entire deck!
Tournament results:
2017 Gen Con, 4-3
2017 Worlds, 1-5
2017 Imperial Summons event, 3-0

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