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Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:33 am

What have been your experiences with the card? For a follower deck that is. We run a good number of commanders as it is so triggering the secondary part isn't difficult. I find that it's a bit of a hit and miss. It's great when I see Fearless Heavy Cavalry or a Shrine to Hachiman but isn't that good otherwise. It is however really good when it works, taking off defenders or attackers as required.

What do you guys think? Worth the slots?

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Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:59 am

Its cool to see some open bow for follower/commander decks, but come late and generaly in a bad meta. Most miliatries run some sort of unbow to survive vs control decks,so your 3 intimidation tactics are no wrench in their engines. If you run other control elements, they are probably better then this and will reduce the amount of followers you can use.
Possibly may swing a couple games your way in a few surprise games, but thats as far as I believe it will be useful.
Probably better out of anyother clan offensively, because of the gold/force ratio, and defensively, because we have few conquerors. Still, thats on paper, i cant say i have tried it.
May build one just to try out.
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Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:56 am

I've actually found the card to be relatively strong in testing. In a build that runs followers ranging from 2F-5F you're able to bow the vast majority of personalities/followers in the open. We have a decent roster of commanders however optimizing them for the build isn't necessary since it limits your options.

Bowing my follower to use the action hasn't been a problem because of Shrine to Hachiman and Moto Yao-Tsu (like you said, followers like Fearless Heavy Cavalry are optimal for this). I find the best use of Intimidation Tactics comes from attaching a follower to Yao-Tsu, bowing it to use the strategy, then Cavalry Engage Yao-Tsu's unit in the attack segment to Straighten his unit. Cavalry Engaging into Yao-Tsu's army with the unit works just as well.

There are several common scenarios where I've found IT to be useful:
-Removing token defenders like Shiho, Duelists used for COAAT, and personalities that provide presence for Honor/Dishonor
-Breaking the effects of Control which is becoming increasingly popular (for good reasons)
-Destroying enemy followers before battle (removes an action and reduces unit gold cost which meta's against Standing Fast)
-Force Open/Battle straightens out of your opponents hand so that in battle they can't answer Standing Fast

I'm still experimenting with the card to see if it warrants a spot in future builds however Superior Assault will compete with Intimidation Tactics once Evil Portents becomes legal. Definitely a 2x if you're testing it out (3x seems excessive).
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Wed Oct 28, 2015 10:08 pm

I've been experimenting with this in a Unicorn Shugenja deck with some success. In a lot of cases this can be an open kill with all the fear buffs/interrupts available.

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