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The place to post your new ideas for decks or decks you have been working on for competitive play that have not seen play in large tournament.

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Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:29 pm

Disclaimer: this deck is trash. But it's a pretty fun pile. The deck is built around giver of gifts+daimyo's favor. Buy 1 guy a turn to always get the fate for passing. Bid as much as you can, and try and beat them to death with your fat stacks of cash. The 1 drops are to avoid way of the crab, but if you're willing to risk it, reverse the ratios on war dogs and Ronin and run storehouse and favorable for free abilities.

Golden plains of the unicorn
Keeper of void
Air- manicured garden
Earth- public forum
Fire- meditations on the tao
Water- endless plains
Void- tears of amaterasu

3 Shinjo altansarnai
3 Moto horde
3 Shinjo tatsuo
3 ide tadaji
3 ide trader
3 giver of gifts
3 utaku yumino
3 warrior poet
3 swift magistrate
3 war dog master
1 wandering Ronin
3 otomo Courtier
3 child of the plains

3 windswept yurt

Conflict (40 12/13)
3 born in war
3 spyglass
3 favored mount
3 kitsuki's method //////
3 Shinjo saddle
3 daimyo's favor //////
3 fine katana
3 ornate fan

3 I am ready
3 banzai
3 Court games
3 for shame
3 assassination
1 policy debate

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