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The place to post your new ideas for decks or decks you have been working on for competitive play that have not seen play in large tournament.

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Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:14 pm

This is the single core deck I went 4-0 at the launch event with. Beat Dragon, Crane, Lion, and Crab. Strategy is fairly simple. Swarm the board and draw as many cards as possible to threaten two breaks per turn. The non free attachments and unicorn conflict peeps are trash, but there aren't enough useful battle actions in single core to remove them. The lion send homes were incredibly effective all tournament.

Unicorn Box
Keeper of Earth
Lion splash

Ancestral lands
Meditations on the Tao
Fertile fields
Rally to the cause

3 wandering ronin
3 seppun guardsman
3 otomo courtier
3 Miya mystic
2 keeper initiate
1 Shinjo altansarnai
1 Moto horde
1 Shinjo tatsuo
1 utaku yumino
1 warrior poet
1 ide trader
1 giver of gifts
1 border rider
1 aggressive Moto
1 Shinjo outrider
1 meishido wielder
1 Moto youth
1 utaku infantry

2 imperial storehouse
1 favorable ground

2 banzai
2 charge
2 assassination
2 court games
2 for shame
2 rout
1 cavalry reserves
1 captive audience
1 I am ready
1 strength in numbers
1 ready for battle
1 for greater glory

2 fine katana
2 ornate fan
1 born in war
1 spyglass
1 honored blade
1 guidance of the ancestors

1 iuchi wayfinder
1 ide messenger
1 vengeful oathkeeper
1 master of the spear

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