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Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:21 pm

Waning Hostilities. It's a game altering card. Might as well try and find a way to use it. Talisman/Public forum is a dead turn for your opponent under it. Not having to worry about political conflicts Streamlines the deck. crane is largely for duelist training and perfect gift to fish for WH.

Unicorn Box
Keeper of void
Air- Fertile Fields
Earth- Public Forum
Fire- Night Raid
Water- Endless Plains
Void- Tears of Amaterasu

3 Imperial Storehouse
1 Windswept Yurt

3 Shinjo Altansarnai
3 Moto Juro
3 Moto Horde
3 War Dog Master
3 Utaku Yumino
3 Warrior Poet
3 Agressive Moto
3 Border Rider
3 Shinjo Outrider
3 Moto Youth
3 Child of the Plains
3 Utaku Infantry

3 Waning Hostilities
3 Captive Audience
3 The Perfect Gift ///
3 Banzai!
3 Charge
3 Rout
3 I am Ready
2 Cavalry Reserves
2 Assassination
1 Admit Defeat //

2 Iuchi Wayfinder

3 Spyglass
3 Duelist Training ///
3 Fine Katana
2 Talisman of the Sun
1 Kakita Blade //

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