First Deck - Unicorn w/ Crane splash

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Shinjo Dun
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Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:31 am

Here is the first deck I've built for the LCG. Let me go ahead and say a couple things...

1) This is entirely based on a couple theories that I have, as out of the 4 local stores that carry games, only 1 is carrying L5R at all, and it sold out before I could get my core sets picked up.

2) Events will make up a large amount of removal in the format. As such, Above Question makes Crane a very strong splash. Lion with For Greater Glory and Sashimoto are also tempting.

3) Attachment removal (with Miya Mystic) seems strong, as does splashing him for enough Shugenja that I feel confident running Cloud the Mind.

4) Endless Plains seems like crap. Seriously. You concede a province and your opponent sacs his worst guy? Hard pass.


Golden Plains Outpost
Role Keeper of Fire

Province (5)
Ancestral Lands
Elemental Fury
Fertile Fields
Night Raid
Shameful Display

Character [Dynasty] (34)

2 Aggressive Moto
3 Border Rider
2 Ide Trader
3 Keeper Initiate
3 Meishōdō Wielder
3 Miya Mystic
3 Moto Youth
3 Shinjo Altansarnai
3 Shinjo Outrider
3 Utaku Infantry
3 Utaku Yumino
3 Warrior Poet

Holding (6)

3Favorable Ground
3 Imperial Storehouse

Attachment (11)

3 Above Question
2 Cloud the Mind
3 Fine Katana
3 Spyglass

Event (26)

3 Admit Defeat
3 Assassination
3 Banzai!
3 Captive Audience
3 Cavalry Reserves
3 Charge!
2 Contingency Plan
3 I Am Ready
3 Rout

Character [Conflict] (3/10)

3 Iuchi Wayfinder

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Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:08 am

This is an interesting take.
Above Question is certainly very interesting choice and potentially huge. And I am seeing quite often where people would just defend with 1 guy to prevent the honour loss so Admit Defeat should see quite a bit of use. Only thing is that it might be potentially dead when you attack their stronghold.

So just wondering if Dragon would still have been the better splash. You get attachment removal from Let Go (and Miya Mystic if you still choose to run it) and Mirumoto's Fury which I feel is superior to Admit Defeat.

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Iuchi Toshimo
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Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:32 pm

I am wondering if you've had a chance to play some games.

I think there are some Theory vs. Practice errors here that would get ironed out after a few games, but I respect your card games skills too much to simply be incredulous.

I also Hard Passed on Endless Plains to begin with, but I still think you should test with it sometimes. Maybe switching to it between games in secret like I did. Defending/saving a province is a luxury like in the old game. Which means Endless (or replacement) was probably going to break anyway and might as well take something with it (like Way of Crab fodder or Altansarnai fodder.) Sometimes, if you are on tempo and your opponent is not, they can be forced to risk hitting it with someone valuable if they want to keep up. Sometimes, they scout, you bust their scout anyway, you defend unopposed and claim a ring (or let the ring go back unclaimed so you can attack with it.) Sure, they got your province, but it cost them their strategy. It doesn't always mean something, but Oh Boy When It Does.

I've come around to really liking it - and with decklists at highest levels, people won't play around it if they know they don't need to.

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